Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Los Angeles By Night

Hi guys!

As some of you may know I recently visited LA. It was amazing, and there will be more posts to come on it, but right now I want to share with you my top two things to do in the evening whist visiting LA!

First up - a Lakers game! (or Clippers)

I was lucky enough to go to the Lakers vs Atlanta Hawks game on March 4th, and it was AMAZING!
The atmosphere, the celeb spotting, the hot dogs. All incredible.
I highly recommend seeing a game - it's just a must do and see. The Staples Centre is an incredible building, with heaps to do. From bars to restaurants - it's got it all.
Don't forget to get there early to grab some merch so you can really get in on the game!

My second Favourite place to visit? - The Grove
Absolutely killer vibes and amazing restaurants and shops.
My pick? The CheeseCake Factory! HUGE portions and amazing cheesecake! Must eat!
I loved the stores there too, MAC was a hit for me! Check it out, and if you can get there early enough - hit up the Farmers Markets. Really good finds and amazing fruit and veg.
You might even bump into the likes of Kate Hudson having a shop!

So what are your favourite things to do in LA by night?
Leave a comment below and let me know!
Catch you next time.

Cj, xo

Friday, 19 February 2016

In-depth look - Thailand (Part 1)

Thailand. Located in south east Asia is one of the worlds happiest countries, and is often referred to as the 'Land of Smiles'
The people, the culture, the views, the food and the markets. Nothing in Thailand is bad. Everything is simply amazing.
Here i'm going to talk about a few high lights!

River Kwai bridge

This is the famous bridge built in ww2 constructed by Japanese soldiers for transport purposes. It is now known as 'death bridge' however, it does house amazing views and a strong history every Australian, and the world should learn about. Walk across, and soak it up.

River Kwai Bridge, Thailand. 2013

Khoe Phing Kan

In other words? James Bond Island! Yes, filmed here! Not only this, but the location offers swimming, hikes, markets, and snorkelling off the island. If you're staying in Phuket - this is a must!

James Bond Island, Thailand. 2013

Patong Beach

Famous for it's night life being rowdy and anything goes. Patong is also home to beautiful beaches, places to lunch, massages on the beach among other things.
From your hotel here, you can book tours our to the islands,  for elephant rides or day trips to see various other animals.

Patong beach sign, Thailand. 2013

These are just a few of many suggestions I have for Thailand. I back packed in 2013 with one of my best friends and it was honestly one of the best trips of my life. We had a ball.
If you'd like a part 2, or a story, please read and share.
Cj. xx

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

In-depth look : Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is one of the most visited countries in Europe. And you can totally see why.
In summer it's full of zest, the people are friendly, the weather is incredible, and that scenery and history? You cannot fault it. And as for zest? HELLO tappas?!!


There are two places I love, and would highly recommend you put on your to do list, and I'm not talking about visiting the FCB stadium - even if they are my favourite Football team, I'm talking about the two greats of Barcelona. The Sagrada Familia, the biggest catholic church in Europe, possibly the world, and also the longest to be built, and of course Park Guell, the most incredible, and beautiful park there ever was.

Sagrada Familia -

Gaudi, a very famous architect started construction on this masterpiece in 1882. His work continued until he died, and was taken over by several others whom all had their own ideas as to what the church should look like. It wasn't until 2010 that it was finally opened to the public.
Still under construction, this church is a labour of love, and will continue to grow for decades to come, I'm sure.

Park Guell - 

Again, another Gaudi masterpiece, this time one he seen finished!

This public park was built in the 1900s and finally opened in 1914. Since then it's been housing countless gardens, structural gems, and hidden treasures, along with the most amazing view of beautiful Barcelona I have had the pleasure of seeing. A must see.


I do need to give a mention to the wonderful Gothic Quarter, my favoruite part of the amazing city that is Barcelona. Great food, amazing architecture and history. I'd suggest getting a local guide and learning a thing or two about this city, it's people and its culture.

Happy travels my friends.
Cj. xx

Monday, 18 January 2016

How to travel - My travel toiletry essentials

The wash bag is an essential part of the travel experience. You have the products you love, are use to and make you feel at home, but most importantly, the products make you CLEAN! Being clean on the road is as important as your passport!!
Here is my must have wash bag essentials. Some might be surprising and perhaps I have a few products missing! What are your wash bag musts?

(From left)
1 – Pantene pro-v colour therapy shampoo 200ml
2 – Pantene pro-v colour therapy conditioner 200ml
3 – TRESemme extra hold hair spray 75g
4 – Johnson’s baby powder 50g
5 – Palmolive naturals rich moisture shower milk 100ml
6 – Nivea pure invisible anti-perspirant  50ml
7- Colgate ‘soft’ zigzag tooth brush
8 – Colgate total original toothpaste 45g
9 – Happy Jackson London wash bag (available online www.happyjackson.co.uk)
I’ll also throw in a razor, a shower cap, a shower puff, sunscreen and moisturiser!
Can’t forget those make-up wipes either!
So what are yours? Comment down below and share this post!
Cj, xxx

Saturday, 9 January 2016

The Eastern Trail, all the way to Amsterdam.

Hi guys!
I'm back with a brand new post! So sorry for the hiatus - i've just finished my bachelors degree! Very exciting times, but of course, the last few months seen me doing a lot of hard work.This post is going to be on 5 destinations and will talk about how this particular trip will help you understand Europe's amazing, and what used to be, volatile history.

Budapest - Hungary

Heroes Square

One of the most incredible and beautiful cities i have had the privilege of visiting, here i learned about the true horrors of WW2 along with the horror of communism. The House of Terror is a museum dedicated to both these tragic events in eastern european history. It is blunt, it is devastating, and it is heartbreaking. This is truly where the horror that was Eastern Europe, not too long ago. I highly recommend you start your historic journey here.
Don't forget to stop at my favourite place in Budapest - Heroes Square. Marvel, and take it all in. Pay your respects.

Of course, Budapest is now more known for its infamous Szechenyi Thermal Bath.
These baths are relaxing, natural and amazing for the skin.
While you're there, wander over Chain Bridge and check out the Parliament house (Gives Londons' Parliament a run for their money). There is also a little market so you can pick up some famous spices, such as paprika, a national treasure!
Other top attractions include Buda Castle and of course St Stephens Basilica.

Vienna - Austria

Not only known for the Sound of Music! This is actually the Birth place of Hitler, the most hated man in Eastern Europe. I know, i cut to the chase real fast. Do your self a favour and do a historic tour and learn of the horror that incurred on poor old Vienna.
On a happier note, try some of Mozarts Balls, and while you're at it, why not see a replica of his symphony at the Vienna State Opera house.
Check out St Stephens Cathedral and take in its mighty force.

Prague - Czech Republic

Old Town Square

Prague is one of those cities that hasn't really been changed by time. It's kept it's worldly charms and hasn't been overly modernised.
Start your journey by walking over Charles Bridge in the Old Town Square. Charles Bridge is famous for it's amazing carved out statues and simply the stature of the thing. It's incredible.
Old Square houses some of, you guessed it, the oldest buildings in the city.
Wander over to the Church of Our Lady in the city centre before heading over to the Jewish Museum, where your insight into eastern european war history continues.

Berlin - Germany

Holocaust Memorial

Berlin, where wars began and came to an end. This city almost has too much to deal with and take in. But it also houses some of the most beautiful, and thoughtful memorials and museums of some of the harshest times in Eastern European history.
I suggest taking a guided history tour of berlin. Where you can learn the inns and outs of the people, and the wars which took place. You will learn about Hitler, his men and his horrible actions.
If you want to do it yourself, I suggest starting at the Brandenburg Gate. An 18th century masterpiece, and while this has nothing to do with ww2, you need to appreciate what Germany was before it is what it is linked to now. As travellers we tend to only know what things are known for, Berlin, and Germany, is much more than the birthplace of wars.
Heading over to the Berlin wall, Take it in, then walk down to check point charlie, i then suggest heading over to the Holocaust memorial.  A deeply emotional, and breathtaking site. Here you can pay your respects and think about the horrors which took place.
Don't forget to try the beer and a pretzel. You gotta eat.

Amsterdam - Netherlands

Amsterdam Canals

To end your whirlwind journey through eastern Europe, the logical place to end is Amsterdam, and a visit to Anne Franks house. The girl whose life was taken away from her, she and her family hid from Nazis for as long as possible in the attic of her home in Amsterdam. And, to this day, you can see it exactly how it was, and get an in-dpeth look into what life was truly like for the victims of these hate crimes. It is sad, i cried, and bought her book (Anne Franks Diary) and i cried again.
While your historic journey has come to an end, don't forget to have some good, old fashioned fun.
I suggest getting a bike and riding around this 2 wheeled city. Pop into the Bulldog Coffee Shop to relax, and don't forget to see a famous show.
The next day, why not see the Van Gogh art gallery? or try some weird vending machine foods!

Although this journey is hard to stomach and i know a lot of people wouldn't truly be interested in these harsh realities, it is important to learn about the worlds mistakes and experiences so we can appreciate life, and learn from these actions.

Enjoy your trip! If you want accommodation or transport recommendations, do not hesitate to email me, or comment below.

And i'll see you next time!
Cj, xxx

(All information is my own from research or experience, photo credits are my own and subject to copy right laws.)

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

In-depth look : France

France is one of the most beautiful and culturally significant countries in the world.
Going all the way back to the 9th century, it became it's own country. Having significant prominence in the 17th and 20th century.
But let's not give you a history lesson - you're here to see my in-depth look at two of the Top visited places in France.

1) Paris
This shouldn't come as a shock seeing as it's one the top places visited in the world, and it isn't because of the huge antenna; I mean, the Eiffel Tower; it's because of it's reputation for being absolutely romantic, and it's atmosphere. In Paris, you can just live, love and experience this culture in it's fullest.
The Louvre is an obvious choice to visit - if you go to Paris, and you don't see the Louvre - you seriously have to question what you're doing there? why are you in Paris? seriously.
See the Mona Lisa, admire Venus De Milo - the most beautiful greek women in the world. These will make you appreciate the creations of the world.
Next up is the Arch de Triumph - the centre of the Paris universe. One of the most amazing places you will see, here it holds the names of soldiers lost.
After this you need to see the Champs-Elysees. The most expensive, and beautifully crafted shopping strip in the world. Just look at those window displays!
Some other tips? You need to drink wine, eat crepes, have croissants!
And of course, go to the Moulin Rouge - cancan girls? hello! Also see the catacombs! Amazing.

2) Nice
Ah, the South of France. So peaceful, so beautiful, and so hot in summer!
I lived in Nice for a few months just last year, and it was amazing. You need to see it and live it, to believe it.
Nice was founded by Greeks, and after many a battle, finally became part of France. as of the 19th century, Nice became known as a destination for the elite, Only those with a vast amount of wealth holidayed here, and those even better off, lived here.
It's beaches aren't typical, they're pebble beaches (horrible to sunbath on for those soft skin Aussies) but none the less, beautifully blue, crystal clear waters for days to have summer fun in.
On this very beach, you can pay a small fee and hire out boards, standing paddle boards, or even go speed boating. It's so much fun!
A few cultural points of interest?
how about hitting up the Museum of Modern Art? it always houses works from Warhol to Pollock, and everything in between. Or why not see the Cimetiere Du Chateau? This is one of the oldest cemeteries in France and is the resting place of various famous French artists, politicians and more.
Why not take a walk up to Castle Hill? Nices' famous look out. See the city and the water from high above - beware - it's quite the hike!

France is about indulgence, romance, and relaxation. But don't forget it's history; France has come a long way, and they strive to keep them selves separate, and unique. So make sure you learn some French and build up a tolerance to wine - you'll need it.

Cj, xx

Sunday, 27 September 2015

New Discoveries - Bath, UK

Bath is a country town set in the southwest area of England.
It's known for it's hot springs and country side!

Here are my top three things to do and see -

1 - The Roman Baths
The baths were supposedly founded by Romans, may moons ago. However, they were opened in 1897 and to the trained eye, house a Victorian style in architecture. However, the real magic of this place is the water. Said to have healing powers, and said to have been blessed by a wishing god, men from all over the world for decades threw coins in to help their wishes come true.
Now the water is contaminated, and it's banned from people to touch it, it's still cool to look at, walk through, and learn about. Id you're lucky, a Roman will be walking around for you to get pics and ask any sorts of random questions.

2- Bath Abbey
Look familiar? yes, it looks like Westminster, that's because it was built around the same time. This style was very dominate for Abbeys in England at this time, and it's said to be a miniature of the mother herself.
The Abbey is of Anglican faith and used to be a Benedictine monastery. Of course, like many Abbeys around England, it was forced to change, and would have been renovated or re-built throughout the years.

3 - Bath Park
This park is absolutely stunning, and somewhere you could take the family.
This year it houses an amazing flowered sculpture to celebrate the 2015 rugby cup! Very cool.
For  bonus, and just down the road, for those of you readers out there, Jane Austin's house, where she wrote several of her most famous novels, such as Sense and Sensibility, is just around the corner, you can go for a tour, and check out some of her hand written passages, and walk the halls she did. For those writers and those who believe in the sprits, this one is for you.
Straight across from the Park there is the best ice-cream shop in the WHOLE of bath. Pick up a cone, and stroll around this amazing town.

Cj, xoxo